Leadership Team

Mr. Anand Chandra

Direction - Faculty

" Mr. Anand Chandra is a well expereinced mentor and guide. He will play a pivotal role as a faculty in A-CUUBE. A dynamic personality, Mr. Chandra was a creative personality from the very beginning. He completed his Bachelor's Degree in Arts. He is an experienced campaigner and has been a part of the film and entertainment industry since a long time. He has directed Films, serials and Ads since 1999. Having a mammoth knowledge of the creative arts Mr. Anand Chandra is bound to extend his experience to all the new talents who will be a part of A-CUUBE in the Entertainment Fraternity."

Mr. Zia Khan

Guest Faculty

"A Passionate & Creative personality with enormous experience in the Entertainment field. Mr. Zia khan has been the in the spot light after directing various AD Films for famous brands including Sahara Parivaar & director of feature films like "PAKAUU" & many more (Under Production)."

Mr. Imran Siddiqui

Guest Faculty

"A prominent figure in the television industry, Mr. Siddiqui has been the leading casting director for almost all the leading channels since last 10 years. A published author by passion and profession, Mr Imran Siddiqui has been the Author of one of the most acclaimed and bestselling books." "A Young, Energetic & lively person in real life, he will be actively involved in the dynamics of A-CUUBE. "

Mr. Vicky Bhatt

Dance Faculty

"Vicky Bhatt is born performer & dancer. He honed his skill of dancing from Shiamak Dance Company. A true heartthrob and mesmerizer when he comes on stage. His choreography adventures into new realm of creativity & innovation. His first love is Bollywood style of dancing and holds his command on international style of dancing like Broadway jazz, salsa, contemporary, hip hop etc. He is a mentor to be followed who brings out simply the best in you.!!!!!"

Mr. Sandeep Panday

Acting - Faculty

"A well respected personality in our entertainment industry, Mr. Sandeep Pandey. He shares a deep love for theater with which he has been associated with for 18 years. From an actor, a playwright, a director and light & set designer, Mr. Pandey has done it all.He has passed out of Goa Kala Academy, and is also a B.Com graduate. Mr. Sandeep Pandey has also done productions of own plays and has been producing plays of other playwrights as well. "

Miss. Nutan

Acting - Faculty

"One of our most esteemed faculty, Nutan has been someone who is associated with dance and music from a very young age. A post graduate in acting from Film and Television institute of India and in Kathak from the great institute Kathak Kendra, Nutan has learnt the dance form from great gurus of the Jaipur and Lucknow gharanas. Her talent and hardwork led to her being a scholarship student for two years. Apart from that, she also has mastery in Pakhawaj, which is a classical music instrument. Her versatility can be judged by the fact that she is also well learned in Yoga and is a trained classical singer. Nutan will be taking the responsibility of teaching the art of acting to the student of ACUUBE".