Aspiring actors look for what they want; A-Cuube provides what they need. We understand what it takes to be the best school of acting- even diamonds need to be honed and shaped; and we bring out the diamond in you and shape it to shine and stand out. Acting is not just expressions; it is about living out the character to the fullest. Our approach in facilitating Actor Development program makes us the finest school of acting in Mumbai, the heart of entertainment hub in India.

Our faculties comprise finest performers and mentors in the industry, jewels of various backgrounds related to acting that guide you in sync with the requirement of the Entertainment Industry. The facilities we provide to students extend beyond the usual- the struggle is ours, the learning and success is yours. We prepare you for actual scenarios with plays and well publicised short film during the course, and we hold your hand to success well beyond the course- guiding you through the ups and downs to find success.

An acting aspirant faces many real life issues; and we deal with all of them. We provide you with accommodation, Gym facility, special action & dance training, Artist Card, a professional portfolio to promote you, a theatre play and a well publicised short film to showcase your talent and PR for you to relevant audience for 1 year.

A-CUUBE, which is best acting school of Film and Television provides a 4 month performance course which is updated with the current trends & requirements of the industry. Each & every minute detail of the course is well coordinated & executed by the specialized A-CUUBE Faculties who at every point are their to guide and help the students.